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Aloes Tablet is natural product made for the treatment of female infertility, menstrual disorders and to neutralize the adverse consequences of preventative pills.

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Aloes Tablet is natural product made for the treatment of female infertility, menstrual disorders and to neutralize the adverse consequences of preventative pills. It is sustained with (Aloes Indica), Hirabol (Balsamodendron Myrrh), Majith (Rubia Cordifolia), Hurmal (Peganum Harmala), Kasis Bhasma, Jeevanti (Leptadenia Reticulata), Kamboji (bryenia Patens) and more, which are combined in a form of single tablet to provide the best of the treatment availed from these ingredients. 

These tablets stimulates and establishes ordinary ovulatory monthly cycles and guarantees legitimate quality and amount of cervical mucous. It Upgrades receptivity for origination upto half to 60%. Also, it eliminates the risk of hyper-incitement of ovaries and improves general wellbeing and initiates feeling of prosperity. Aloes Compound can be offered beneficially to counter results after stopping of prophylactic pills. This product is convenient, has no side effects. In comparison to most herbal products, Aloes Compound is not a physical mixture of ayurvedic ingredients but an ayurvedic formulation of specific ingredients, each in a specific proportion, based on their benefits and efficacy. Overall, it is a safe and  complete solution to various feminine problems.


Active Ingredients

Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis): It is a natural occurring plant with healing gel inside the leaves. The most effective use of aloe vera is to treat skin problems like acne and blemishes. Due to its laxative property, constipation can be cured. Aloe vera helps to manage the weight by reducing toxins present in the body due to poor digestion. 

Manjishtha (Rubia cordifolia): Manjishta is considered one of the best blood-purifying herbs in the Ayurveda. It replenishes the blood by mending its flow and removing any obstacles in its way. It contains deepan and pachan properties, because of which it cures diabetics as it lower the blood glucose levels. 

Kasis bhasma (Ferrous sulphate): It is proven beneficial in eliminating virus and bacterial infections in the body. It is a natural detoxifier that stimulates the proper absorption process by removing toxins from body. 

Myrrha (Commiphora myrrha): Myrha is used as a stimulant to boost menstrual flow. Moreover, it can help decrease swelling and kill bacteria because of it germ killing attributes. Also, it is used in numerous dental issues like inflamed gums or bad breath. 

Leptadenia reticulata (leptadenia reticulata): It is an ayurvedic herb used for the treatment of fever, urinary infection etc. this plant is also used to heal fresh wounds as it contains antiseptic properties. Apart from that, it is also beneficial in dealing with psychiatric disorders and clearing the vision of eyes. 

Bryenia (Bryenia patens): Bryenia is plant species associated with homeopathic tonics. It is folk medicine used since ages in the treatment of constipation because of it being an emetic. Moreover, it dilates the blood vessels to prevent migraine attacks and headaches. 

Each Aloes Compound tablet contains: Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis) – 70 mg, Myrrha (Commiphora myrrha) – 70 mg, Manjishtha (Rubia cordifolia) – 35 mg, Peganum harmala (Peganum harmala) – 35 mg, Leptadenia reticulata (Leptadenia reticulata) – 30 mg, Kasis bhasma (Ferrous sulphate) – 30 mg, Bryenia (Bryenia patens) – 30 mg.

How to use: 

  • Take 2 aloes compound tablets, 2 times a day. 
  • Continue this process up to 4 months.

Indications of use:

Use for the following reasons: 

  • Delayed puberty 
  • Infertility
  • Imbalanced diet bloating & pain 
  • Hormonal imbalance 
  • Dysmenorrhea 





  • Тablets

Purpose of Ayurveda

  • Female health
  • Genitourinary system
  • Anaemia


  • Alarsin

Country of Origin

  • India

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