Dashmool Kwath, 100 g, Patanjali


Dashmool Kwath is a profoundly powerful Ayurvedic tea drink made by the mainstream Ayurveda recuperating recipe of 10 underlying foundations of restorative plants, called Dashmool. It has a therapeutic and tonic impact on all organs and frameworks, just as assists with fortifying the safe framework and increment protection from stress, enacts the body’s energy saves. Equilibriums each of the three doshas.

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Dashmool Kwath is a profoundly powerful Ayurvedic tea drink made by the mainstream Ayurveda recuperating recipe of 10 underlying foundations of restorative plants, called Dashmool. It has a therapeutic and tonic impact on all organs and frameworks, just as assists with fortifying the safe framework and increment protection from stress, enacts the body’s energy saves. Equilibriums each of the three doshas.

The incredible mending impact of Dashmool permits you to utilize this creation both remotely and inside in the treatment of different afflictions.

This medication strongly affects profound detoxification of the body and its delivery from oxidation items free revolutionaries. It is a brilliant aide in disposing of substance reliance Smoking, liquor, drugs. The restorative structure of the decoction tenderly, however adequately and rapidly eliminates destructive mixes from the body, assists with killing the impacts of inebriation, just as long haul utilization of anti-microbials.

It beneficially affects the liver and kidney capacities, assists with sanitizing them and invigorates their sifting capacity, just as tones the urinary framework. Scrubs the blood and battles frailty. Assists with clearing the kidneys, eliminates puffiness and obscuring of the skin under the eyes. The utilization of decoction for kidney illnesses along with Gokshuradi Guggul or Chandraprabha Vati duplicates their restorative impact.

At the point when utilized remotely as a planning of steam showers and phytobanks, Dashmool Kwath will fill in as a decent device for disposing of abundance weight and cellulite, quicken blood flow in all pieces of the body and ease torment in illnesses of the bones and joints.

It adds to the standardization of the cardiovascular framework, as it is a fantastic normal apparatus for settling pulse. By invigorating blood dissemination, it guarantees the conveyance of supplements to all organs.

The activity of every fixing in the decoction is pointed toward normalizing crafted by a specific organ in the endocrine framework. Together, these 10 recuperating attaches lead to the rebuilding of ideal working of the neuroendocrine framework, which makes the sythesis of Dashmool Kwath successful in the treatment of practically a wide range of hormonal dysfunctions. This is one of only a handful few home grown mixes that can reestablish ideal pancreatic capacity.

The medication is viable in neurological illnesses, for example, parkinsonism, quake, just as in the treatment of sciatica, cervical and lumbar spondylosis and sciatica. The utilization of the medication as a decoction will ease assaults of agony in the lumbosacral spine, pelvic provocative cycles, and joint inflammation.

Dashmool Kwath purges the whole respiratory framework. For colds and influenza, concentrated admission of stock for around 2 days will forestall the improvement of intricacies in the respiratory framework. Successfully assuages asthma assaults and unfavorably susceptible responses from the respiratory framework. Dispose of dry hack.

This is a superb tonic for neuropsychiatric problems, viably calms pressure and indications of weariness. Customary utilization of stock will help standardize sound rest.

The decoction has substantiated itself well in obstetric practice as an assistant methods for restoration after labor, and is additionally valuable for the youngster while breastfeeding.

Active ingredients:

Aegle marmelos (Aegle marmelos). Cleans the blood even from the profound of poisons. It beneficially affects the sensory system, stops dry hacks, and soothes a sleeping disorder. It is utilized for supplement ingestion problems, looseness of the bowels, diarrhea, diabetes. Astringent, antipyretic, reinforces the stomach related fire. It has a helminthic and antispasmodic impact.

Shionaka (Oroxylum indicum). It is viewed as a successful tonic for the liver and the whole body. It is a piece of the renowned mending recipes of Ayurveda-Chavanprash and Dashamula. It has an articulated cell reinforcement impact, forestalls the arrangement of free revolutionaries that pulverize the majority of the supplements and nutrients that enter the body with food. It has pain relieving, calming, diaphoretic, disinfecting, astringent and recovering impacts. Seeds, roots and shoots of the plant are effectively and broadly utilized in Ayurveda as a way to treat respiratory contaminations, increment resistant assurance, just as in the treatment of joint sicknesses and gastrointestinal organs. Forestalls the advancement of contagious contaminations, quickens the recovery of ulcers and harmed inward tissues, tones and revives the body.

Patala (Stereospermum suaveolens). Quite possibly the most popular tonic normal natural cures with a reviving impact. The plant has various properties that permit it to treat an assortment of infirmities. Adequately eliminates tissue edema and fiery cycles, battles microbes. Assists with respiratory illnesses, treats hack. Assists with improving the stomach related plot, disposes of the manifestations of acid reflux.

Calipari (Desmodium gangeticum). Clean and cell reinforcement. It beneficially affects the cardiovascular framework. It assists with eliminating tissue edema and decrease the force of fever manifestations, soothes fever and builds perspiring. The plant contains the alkaloid of rubbers, which is answerable for its helpful properties.

Pesniary (Uraria picta). It has a cancer prevention agent, tonic, calming, cleaning, antipyretic and mitigating impact, invigorates sputum division. It likewise fills in as a way to quit draining and fortify the dividers of veins.

Brihati (Solanum indicum). Solid cell reinforcement. It adjusts the indispensable frameworks of the body. It beneficially affects the bronchopulmonary and stomach related frameworks of the body, disposes of swelling and gas development. It has sterile, pain relieving, calming, against allergenic, broncholytic and diuretic properties. It has a place with Rasayana, is a restoring plant that has been utilized in Ayurvedic medication for millennia as a General tonic for the body.

Kantakari (Solanum xanthocarpum). Reestablishes intensity and treats fruitlessness by animating the creation of corticosteroids and sex chemicals. Diminishes abundance weight, assists with barrenness, monthly cycle issues, heart and joint infections. It is regularly suggested for cholelithiasis, respiratory contaminations, bronchopulmonary illnesses, and asthma. Alkaloids in the plant wipe out old hack and rhinitis brought about by cool air or a sharp smell. The plant additionally has a moderate diuretic impact.

Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris). The most well known plant from the Dashamula arrangement. It assists with improving the urinary framework, tonically affects it. Purges the kidneys and liver gratitude to silicic corrosive, which is wealthy in Gokshura. Assists with illnesses of the joints. It assists with eliminating abundance liquid from the body, kills edema, and is utilized in the treatment of urolithiasis. It has a specific calming and bacteriostatic impact on the urinary framework. What’s more, it improves the nature of sperm, builds intensity and fills in as a fantastic methods for forestalling prostatitis and adenoma. Reestablishes the equilibrium of Vata dosha.

Agnimantha (Premna integrifolia). It animates blood flow, assuages irritation and tumors. It infiltrates profound into the muscle tissue and veins, quickens the recuperating of wounds and wounds.

Gambari (Gmelina arborea). It has a gentle purgative and diuretic impact. It invigorates lactation (expands the creation of bosom milk in the mother). It is utilized for the therapy of venereal diseases and persistent cystitis. Takes out inebriation from chomps and poisonings. Eliminates poisons.

Guidance for use:

For oral use: brew 1-2 teaspoons of the organization in 400 ml of heated water, at that point bubble until the fluid is decreased to 100 ml, strain and take 2 times each day toward the beginning of the day on an unfilled stomach, and at night an hour prior to supper. Take it in a warm structure, you can blend it in with nectar. For this situation, nectar ought to be added to the generally cooled drink.

For outside use: blend 200 g of Dashmool Kwath in with 3 liters of water and cook until 2 liters of fluid stay in the holder. Add the stock arranged in this manner to the water while washing up or use it for watering the body.

For steam showers: 200 g of the piece ought to be put in a readied compartment. For more and quicker outcomes, it is prescribed to clean up 1-2 times each week.

Composition of Dashmool Kwath: Shaliparni (Desmodium gangeticum), Prishniparna (Uraria picta), Kantakari (Solanum xanthocarpum), Brihati (Solanum indicum), Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris), Aegle marmelos (Aegle marmelos), Agnimantha (Premna integrifolia), Shionaka (Oroxylum indicum), Gambari (Gmelina Arborea), Patala (Stereospermum suaveolens).

Purpose: bronchopulmonary sicknesses, inebriation of the body, General shortcoming, liver and kidney issues, joint illnesses, respiratory diseases, colds, fever, edema, tooting, dyspepsia, diminished craving, expanded lactation, Vata dosha unevenness.





  • Tea

Purpose of Ayurveda

Purpose of Ayurveda:

  • Doshas balance
  • Purification of organism
  • Purification of blood
  • Immunity
  • Neuralgia
  • Postpartum recovery
  • Lactation
  • Genitourinary system
  • Heart

Active ingredients

Active ingredients:

  • Beechwood (Gmelina arborea)
  • Bengal quince (Aegle marmelos)
  • Brihati (Solanum indicum)
  • Cat’s-head (Tribulus terrestris)
  • Oroxylum (Oroxylum indicum)
  • Patala (Stereospermum suaveolens)
  • Premna serratifolia (Premna integrifolia)
  • Prishniparni (Uraria picta)
  • Salparni (Desmodium gangeticum)
  • Yellow-fruit nightshade (Solanum xanthocarpum)




Country of Origin

Country of Origin:

  • India

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