Gulabari, Premium Rose Water, 250 ml, Dabur


Gulabari Premium Rose Water by Dabur is a totally normal cure ideal to purge mellow and saturate all skin types including delicate and matured skin.

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Gulabari Premium Rose Water by Dabur is a totally normal cure ideal to scrub mollify and saturate all skin types including touchy and matured skin.

Gulabari Premium Rose Water quickly recuperates harmed skin by narrowing skin pores to animate typical degrees of sebum viably switching the impacts of maturing on skin. It decreases skin disturbances and is an ideal post-shaving astringent that has a wonderful sweet flower smell.

Gulabari Premium Rose Water is produced using just unadulterated common fixings including concentrates of flower petals and demineralized water and not at all like impersonations is exceptionally viable to improve skin wellbeing and composition.

Active ingredients:

Rose oil (Rose oil). Has been viewed as a wonder solution for the skin since relic and even Avicenna the celebrated Persian doctor being referred to utilize Rose oil as a skin cure in the tenth century. Indeed, even clinical preliminaries have demonstrated flower petals contain explicit supplements to improve skin composition and moderate the unavoidable impacts of maturing. Rose oil fixes harmed skin reestablishes common skin tone and takes out fine wrinkles and skin discolouration problems, for example, dark circles under the eyes.

Dosage: utilize a cotton cushion to apply Gulabari Premium Rose Water to purified facial skin.

Composition: Gulabari Premium Rose Water contains: Purified water (Purified water), Fragrance (Rose water), Rose oil (Rose oil), Propylene glycol (Propylene glycol), (Phenoxyethanol), Triethylene glycol (Triethylene glycol), Sodium benzoate (Sodium benzoate).

Recommended use: day by day skin treatment; skin lotion; improve skin composition; forestall skin discolouration issues, for example, dark circles under the eyes; noticeably lessen the presence of wrinkles.





  • Rejuvenation
  • Moisturizing
  • Acne
  • Antiseptics

Active ingredients

Active ingredients:

  • Rose (Rosa)




Country of Origin

Country of Origin:

  • India

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