Indian Сhic Two-Tone Sari Decorated With Embroidery, Made Of Artificial Silk


Indian stylish two-tone Sari, enriched with weaving, made of counterfeit silk – an incredible buy for ladies and young ladies, just as authorities of extraordinary apparel of the East.

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Indian stylish two-tone Sari, embellished with weaving, made of fake silk – an incredible buy for ladies and young ladies, just as epicureans of intriguing attire of the East. The sari is a rectangular fabric 5.5 – 6.5 m long and 1-1.3 m wide. This size makes the sari a widespread garments reasonable for ladies of any appearance, while permitting her to underscore her polish, sexuality and style.

Sari is a conventional outfit for a lady whose wearing standards started to be framed, harking back to the fourth century A.D. are as yet alive. “Sari” takes its underlying foundations from the Prakritian “sattika”, which signifies “segment of texture.” In India, texture is of specific significance and exemplifies the making of the Universe, since the Sutra (string) is the premise, and the Sutradhara (weaver) is the maker.

For sewing sarees, an assortment of materials are utilized in any shading plan. Mind boggling prints, printed or jacquard adornments, weaving or weaving with dabs and pearls – this is the premise of the cutting edge public outfit of Indian ladies.

Our online store offers a wide scope of saris of various textures and tones, among which you can pick any one as you would prefer!

Direct conveyances from India!





  • Bicolor
  • Border
  • Embroidery
  • With a pattern
  • With a piece of fabric for a blouse

Type of fabric

Type of fabric:




  • Orange
  • Red

Country of Origin

Country of Origin:

  • India

Additional information

Weight 1.200 kg


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