Lip balm with watermelon, with beeswax and honey (Watermelon lip balm), 5 g, Kadi Natural (Khadi Natural)


Lip balm with watermelon, with beeswax and honey (Watermelon lip balm) will help to accentuate your lips, giving them deep hydration and a shiny effect, leaving lips soft and radiant. It conditions the lips for a plump, natural soft pink tint and shine. It is a cosmetic product useful in rejuvenation of lips when faced with harsh weather.

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Lip balm with with watermelon, beeswax and honey is manufactured and marketed by Khadi Natural. This lip balm will help to smoothen your lips. They will help your lips to be hydrated. It also gives your lips a living your lips pink and shiny. The watermelon lip balm is a cosmetic product which is useful to rejuvenate the lips. Lt makes the lip plump and radiant.

Watermelon lip balm comes with watermelon aroma. It has the power of several oils and helps in the natural revitalization and protection of lips. It is hugely successful in protecting the lips from dryness.

Active Ingredients:

Wheat germ oil which goes by the scientific name of, Triticum Vulgare, is an important part of the product. It is useful in effectively renewal of skin cells and thus, rejuvenates the skin of lips. Lip balm with watermelon aroma, beeswax and honey from Khadi firm will not leave you unchanged, but bring a positive change on your skin.

Watermelon which goes by the scientific name of, Citrullus lanatus, helps in nourishing, moisturizing, toning and softening lips. It is very useful in making the lips look plump. It helps in making the lips thoroughly moisturizing and regenerating them.

Beeswax is an important element of the product. It is helpful in promotion of fast  healing of lips, when hurt, and has the ability to retain moisture for a long time period. 

Almond oil which has scientific name, Prunus amygdalus dulcis, contains a large amount of vitamin E, which gives firmness and elasticity to tissues. It also contains a large amount of protein, thanks to which it nourishes and repairs the skin and hair when it is applied externally, and internal organs when taken internally. 

How to use :

In order to use the product, its user needs to take a small amount of the balm on the user’s finger and apply properly on the lips, more could be added if necessary.

Recommended Use :

The lip balm is safe and effective for all skin types. It is widely recommended during strong summer and harsh winter, when it is useful in shielding the lips from dehydration and helps in retaining the moisture of lips. The lip balm is also capable of making the lip look shiny. The lip balm can also be put to use to make the lip look pinkish in colour.


Purpose of Ayurveda


  • Make-up
  • Lips


  • Khadi

Country of Origin

  • India

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