Peedantak Ointment, Swelling And Joints Pain, 50 g, Patanjali


Peedantak treatment produced by Patanjali is made out of chosen therapeutic spices that quickly facilitate the torment related with joint infirmities and viably reestablish joint portability.

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Peedantak treatment produced by Patanjali is made out of chosen therapeutic spices that quickly facilitate the torment related with joint infirmities and viably reestablish joint portability.

Peedantak treatment profoundly infiltrates muscle tissue to animate blood course and feed the area effortlessly torment brought about by joint pain joint growing and different sorts of lower back diseases.

Peedantak balm has a quick warming impact to successfully help the mending of back torment muscle hyper-extends and musculoskeletal sicknesses. It helps the mending of hypothermia forestalls muscle fits and lessens irritation and gathering of liquid in the joints.

Peedantak treatment fortifies muscles joints and tendons.

Active ingredients:

Lasuna (Allium sativum). Has been utilized in Ayurvedic medication for centuries to adjust the three components of air fire and water (vata pitta and kapha dosha). Garlic quickly warms the body and is subsequently profoundly successful to soothe agony and growing brought about by irritated muscle tissue and joints. Garlic is astringent and eases back the inescapable impacts of maturing.

Shallaki (Boswellia serrata). Fills in the precipitous locales of India and radiates a tar that has intense mitigating properties utilized in Ayurvedic medication to adjust the water component (kapha dosha) of the body successfully treating joint diseases, for example, unnecessary aggravation. Shikakai reestablishes harmed ligament quickly soothes joint torment and reinforces connective tissue of the joints to reestablish joint versatility.

Gaultheria fragrantissima (Gaultheria fragrantissima). Contains 98% methyl salicylate that has been very much reported to have strong pain relieving and mitigating properties to viably alleviate torment related with stiffness sciatica neuralgia and other joint variations from the norm. Gaultheria applied topically quickly warms muscles and is ideal as a muscle relaxant for competitors and those occupied with demanding work. Gaultheria is additionally profoundly viable to help the recuperating of respiratory diseases including colds and influenza.

Pluchea lanceolata (Pluchea lanceolata). Lifts resistance and eases back the unavoidable impacts of maturing. Pluchea is an incredible cell reinforcement and helps the recuperating of ongoing irritation issues of the joints, for example, rheumatoid joint pain and osteoarthritis and forestalls joint growing and joint agony brought about by harm to articular ligament frequently experienced in mature age. Pluchea improves the regular flexibility of tendons to dispose of firmness and reestablish versatility to joints.

Directions: delicately knead Peedantak balm to influenced regions 2-3 times each day.

Composition: 5 g of Peedantak balm contains: Proprietary item (Proprietary item) – 500 mg, Lasuna (Allium sativum) – 2.5 mg, Paniculatum (Celastrus paniculatus) – 50 mg, Shallaki (Boswellia serrata) – 100 mg, Pluchea lanceolata (Pluchea lanceolata) – 10 mg, Nirgundi (Vitex trifolia) – 10 mg, Calotropis procera (Calotropis procera) – 20 mg, Proprietary item (Proprietary item) – 250 mg, Gaultheria fragrantissima (Gaultheria fragrantissima) – 750 mg; Base material – Q.S. (required amount).

Recommended use: joint pain; joint and back torment; muscle injuries and tears; stiffness.





  • Ointment

Purpose of Ayurveda

Purpose of Ayurveda:

  • Arthritis/Joints
  • Rheumatism
  • Osteochondrosis

Active ingredients

Active ingredients:

  • Apple of sodom (Calotropis procera)
  • Black oil plant (Celastrus paniculatus)
  • Eastern teaberry (Gaultheria procumbens)
  • Five-leaved chaste tree (Vitex negundo)
  • Garlic (Allium sativum)
  • Indian oli-banum (Boswellia serrate)
  • Pluchea lanceolata (Pluchea lanceolata)




Country of Origin

Country of Origin:

  • India

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